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Jagat Guru Sain Ji Maharaj

              Dalit Saints despite being highly NAAM dyed, the history writers of their times or later  did not pay much heed towards preserving their life stories along with their contributions for the upliftment of the society socially and Spiritually . Since majority of the Indian writers have sprang from the Brahmanical order,  they gave raw deal to the Dalit personalities, may be Saints, worriers, social and political reformers, singers, freedom fighters etc. Since schooling, letters knowledge, access to the written literature or writing was the monopoly of Brahmans, so the Dalit heroes and Dalit cause was ignored deliberately & systematically. If at all any writer wrote about the Dalit personalities including Dalit Saints, it was their friendship or enmity with the Rulers and knights hailing from the Upper castes. Some miracles were associated with these persons of high mystic powers, ignoring their real worthiness.
Jean Henri Fabre (1823-1915) a French entomologist, physicist, chemist and botanist said that history recorded names of the royal bastards, but could not tell us the origin of wheat. The Dalit intelligentsia correctly criticized the existing upper caste developed history, education system and techniques particularly producing trained bulls not genius educated persons. These knowledgeable persons did great injustice with history making races, in completely ignoring their history. On reading the following massage, I got so much moved that I decided to read more about Dalit literature including contribution of our leaders for the Dalit emancipation. The words of Gurram Jashua (1895-1971) a powerful and popular Dalit poet lamented that:-"Our books are as meaningless as the corps of our fore fathers
If we confine ourselves in reading these books.
The posterity will be as learned as a trained bull
That shakes or nods its head to the prompting of its master”.
This is true in case of Dalit history and Dalit saints. The Dalit Saints were great democrats and in their satsangs they decried  the caste system classifying humans as high and low on basis of  their births.. Guru Ravidas having a clear democratic bent of mind said “ There are only two places in the world to live in peace, one is democratic ruled  country and the other  was cremation or burial ground”. He expressed his wish of living happily in a kingdom where all are fed well and all lived in hormony without decimation of low and high.  The Dalit Saints preached equality and  opposed slavery among human. Their medium of approaching the public was through their satsangs ( Discourses). The Hindu caste designated untouchable and other poor people were their target so their satsangs carried most of them. Many good hearted and enlightened upper caste seeing goodness of their satsangs too adopted them as their Gurus(  Mystic Guide, teacher, preacher)   The stories associated with the life of Dalit personalities were mostly to highlight the greatness of Upper Caste Heroes rather than showing richness of character or high mystical indulgence of the Dalits. The life stories of, Bhagwan Valmik  ,  Aklevya, Mata Bhilni including many Dalit saints of Bhakti Guru Ravidas, Sadguru Kabir, Namdev, Chokhamela  movement are a few examples. Since the Brahmanical systems was devised to disadvantage of Dalit Samaj. The greatest weapon used to enslave Dalits was to strip them off their human rights, education, property rights. These factors still are forceful weapon used to enslave Dalits in the disguise of   the theory of Salvation. To Brahmans the salvation was possible by following their devised means of, fasting, feasting the Brahmins, bathing in selected rivers or tanks, to observe celibacy, to worship in forests while observing strict norms of life suffering, getting head and face shaved, or keeping  hair locks on head or face. But Dalit saints by dint of their inner rich knowledge challenged the hollowness of this system, so earned the wrath of ruling class on the biased advices by the priestly class. No king could dare to defy the dictates in fear of earning curse of Priests. Brahmins were proclaimed as Bhudevas( Gods on the Earth) Priests were much more powerful and roosted  the laws& customs as per their sweet will. The  Brahminical priestly class preached that Gods control universal activities, but they are under the control of Vedic Mantras( Verses) and Vedic Mantras were under the control of Brahmanas,so gods are under the direct control of Brahminsa. So Brahminical religious books  declared  Brahmins as gods on the earth and called them Bhudevas.
                 The life storey recording of Sat Guru Sain Ji Maharaj is no different than the treatment meted out to the other Dalit Saints and Dalit Heroes. So in the absence of chorological written   life events of such great personalities by themselves or their followers during life time of the Dalit Saints these facts got intermingled. Mostly their life events have been carried by local people in local dialects, stories, songs by Naths, jogies ( country side singers) etc. This is true for the life events of Maharaj Sat Guru Sain Ji “ Saian means God, Master, Husband, or a title for Muslim saint.
But certainly he was lucky not to have any direct confrontation with priests as was the case with Guru Ravi Das & Sag Guru Kabir ji Maharaj His life went on as the normal life of an Indian barber. The accomplishments and duties of an Indian barber at the time of Sain were and are still of a miscellaneous character. He is something of a surgeon and ordinarily a marriage or match-maker, he oils his clint’s body, shampoos his limbs, pares his nails, shaves his face and head, if he be a Hindu, and clips his moustaches, if he be a Musalman; amuses him with gossip and tales; often plays the rebeck and sings his own compositions, which deftly combine flattery of his master with social satire or pleasentry. But since Sain Ji was barber to the then king of Rev√£, or  B√§ndhavgarh, in Central India. He was very dutiful. His life went un-noticed till a Mystical Miracle raised the curtain.
          As per the Guru Bhagat Maal-Sateek ( By Nrain Singh Giani ISBN: 81-7601-047-2)) it carried  a legend which at once illustrates Sain Ji’s devotion to saints and the values in which he was held for his piety, kindness and wisdom. When going one day to perform his usual ministrations for King Raja Rao Veer Singh (Some authors have named him as (RAJA RAM), he met some holy men on the way. He thought it was his first duty to attend to them; He took them with him, and began to render them with the customary services. With the greatest mental satisfaction to himself he gave them consecrated and secular food to relieve their souls and bodies, so he did not go to the palace to attend to the service of the king. Sain Ji‘s love & devoted service moved the All Merciful God to disguise as Sain Ji and  so served the king on that day. Next day when Sain Ji went to the king’s palace, he first begged the king to forgive him for his disobedience of not reaching the palace to serve the king. On this the king said,  “what have gone wrong with you for asking for forgiveness, you have rendered your  service yester day in even better way than your usual dutifulness”.  The king realized that it was non else but God Himself who served him as Sain Ji Maharaj’s substitute the day before. Raja had given his gold necklace to Sain Ji, as reward for his good work, which was still found hanging from Sain Ji’s neck and Raja touched it to satisfy the Bhagat Ji. Again Sain Ji Maharaj argued with the king that he had actually not come, but it may be his Lord in whose love he remained absorbed yesterday. Sain was overwhelmed with gratitude that God came to his rescue. The Raja realized that Sain Ji had reached such an elevated stage that God had sent someone else in his place.  Listening this plea Raja at once prostrated ; fell at Sain’s feet, worshipped him as his Guru (Spiritual Master), and thus sought an asylum in God.
Guru Arjun Dev qualifies instances
His devotees, tasks has the Lord Himself
undertaken to fulfill;
These Himself has the Lord come to accomplish                   Sri Guru Granth Sahib PagePanna-783 
  Bhai Gurdas saith thus About this incident   ( Var 10, verse 16 )                  
Hearing of the glory of Kabir, Sain also turned to become a disciple [of Ramanand].
At night he would be busy with acts of loving devotion, and by day he would visit the door of the king.
One night, some sadhus arrived as guests and the night was spent on discussions and contemplation on the Lord's name.
Sain found he could not part with the sadhus and so he failed to reach the door of the king.
God, took the form of Sain reached there and upon serving the king made him happy.
Bidding farewell to the sadhus, Sain nervously rushed off to the king's door.
From a distance, the king called to Sain, and discarding his robes offered them to Sain to wear.
"You have empowered me" spoke the king, whose words were heard by all.
The Almighty manifests the glory and greatness of this devotee.
  The King begged for  his incitation in to Naam Bhakti ( Surat- Shabad Yoga based way to salvation ). It was accepted by Sain Ji.  There after getting initiation on Bhakti Marg by the king along with his entire royal family, whole royal family became Guru Sain’s disciples. The king of Rewa requested Sain Ji to accept Royal pension and further prayed to stop the service to the king as his barber. It becomes an established custom that the successive kings of the house of Bandhavgarh should always be disciples of the descendants of Sain Ji Maharaj. There after Sain Ji always remained absorbed in NAAM Bhakti (Devotion). But as saints never accept alms for their livelihood,so he might have continued earning  for his living by continuing his professional duty.  Kabir Sahib had king of Balakh Bukhara as his disciple but he continued his work of weaving and  declared “ Mar jayun Mango Nahi Apni Tan Ke  Kajj,Parmarath Ke Karney Mujey Na avey Laj”. Meaning I shall prefer to die than begging for his livelihood,but for the cause of sangat welfare begging I donot feel sorry. Guru Ravidas Said “ Hath Kar Vall Tey Dil Yar Vall” meaning I get engaged in working for living while keeping observed in the  service of Lord or  His worship. On this analogy  Sain Ji must have continued to earn  for his living by working with his hands.
        As is the case with majority of Saints particularly Dalit Saints that no writer ever attempted to write their life story or their other acts during their life time. It was revered 5th Sikhs Guru Sahib Sri Arjun DevJi (1563-1606), who collected  in Adi  Granth Sahib (1604 CA)spiritual compositions of six Sikh Gurus( Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Angad Dev, Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das & Guru Arjun Dev)  Eighteen Bhagats (Kabir, Fareed, Sadana, Bhikham, Mardana, Sata, Balvanda, Nam Dev,Sur Das,  Ravi Das, Tarlochan, Dhana, Beeni, Jai Dev , Sain, Bhalla,  and six Bhats (Halah, Gajand, Mathura, Ball, Haribans, Baba Sunder)  Bhai Gurdas Ji, who  performed the  sewa of writing Sri  Adi Granth Sahib  taking dictation from the 5th Sikh Master Guru Arjun Dev has praised the All Merciful God  who blessed his beloved Saints irrespective of their Caste.
With thy grace, O Lord I were redeemed
Namdeva, Kabir and Trilochan
As were Sadhna and Sain.
Guru Arjan again writes,
Jaidev has abandoned ego,
And, Sain, the barber, has been redeemed by serving the Lord.
Sain, the barber, was running errands,
as known to all:
The Lord in his heart taking abode,
among the saints found he mention.                                  (Sri Guru Granth Sahib page 487)
Guru Ravidas has also praised Sain Ji Maharaj and other Naam dyed  saints. He said that God is capable of doing whatever He wishes.
Namdev, Kabir, Trilochan, Sadhna, Sain-all are saved.
Saith Ravidas ; Listen ! Devotees of God!
All within the Lord's power lies.                                       ( Sri Guru Granth Sahib page 1106)
As per commonly agreed life aspects about Guru Sain Ji Maharaj, he was a barber by caste, a  touchable  shudra  in Hindu low caste, present day OBC’s, who were  allowed to touch the Higher Caste Hindus for purposes of rendering them service. Whereas untouchable were to render service to higher castes avoiding coming  in contact with them. Even shadow of an touchable was enough to pollute an upper caste Hindu. Sain Ji Maharaj was against Caste system. In his early life Sain Ji might have been idol worshiper, but later followed NIRGUNA Bhakti Marg. He became  a NAAM dyed saint which is like  drinking NEEM Juice ( a very very bitter but beneficial) of  formless or NIRGUNA Bhakti than taking  sweetened poison of  Attributive or  SARGUNA Bhakti it being  unable to break the web of 84,00,000 cycle . Nirguna Bhakti as means of worship is to worship Indivisible, Indestructible, Permanent Nam, the creator of every thing in this universe, including all heavens, astral worlds, continents and even the Brahmand ( The domain of Brahma, the Hindu- Creator Deity of Physical, Astral & Casual,  being One among the Trinity of  Hindu Belief ,Brahma, Vaishno & Shiva).  Nam is beyond matter and time. When Nam power is withdrawn, every thing in this universe ceases to exist including Casual-Spiritual Spheres up to Trikutee, the abode of Brahma.  Abode of Indestructible Current or God remains nothing else. It is as per His Will.
         Guru Sain Ji Maharaj being an Indian saint was influenced by Bhagti Movement ( 1375-1700). According to Nabha Das Bhagatmal (1575) He was one of 12 main disciples of  Ramanand  one amoung Bhakti Movement Saint and Brahmin by caste.Who lived in Banaras ( U.P) and he  adopted his deciples even from the low caste Hindus. Bhai Gurdas Ji saith in 10th Bar “Listen Partap, the Second (Ramanand’s)Sikh
or deciple after Kabir was Sain”, who did remain absorbed in the prayers to God during Nights and in the day served in the palace” Bhagat Sain Ji promoted Ram Naam i.e.  formless God’s name  and not “Lord Rama” the , King of Ayudhaya, who killed Lanka King Ravana and Shudra Saint Sambuka. He  preached Nirguna Bhagati means formless God with out any form ,who is beyond time clock. Sain ji is said to have composed hymns in Hindi, Marathi,Gujrati and Punjabi.  He is reported to have composed Sain Sagar Granth( Religious Book) and its one copy in Punjabi is kept at  Pratap-pura  Sain Temple Jalander. Sain Ji Maharaj is also reported to have composed 150 Marathi Abhangs besides many more Vannies,Bhajans etc.
 Sain Ji Maharaj is reported to have visited many places far and wide and met many saints,Gurus,Bhagats at places visited by him to discuss the means of carrying on their revolutionary work of opposing religious atrocities on the Untouchable by priestly classes, more so Hindu Brahmins. There are records of his visiting Bidar in Karnataka . He also visited Rajasthan, Kanshi, Haridwar, united Punjab , Delhi, Jalander and many more places.
According to some scholars,  Sain who was born in Samvat 1390 and belonged to Karnataka. Their assumption is based on the evidence that Sain was once in the service of the king of Bidar , a town in Karnataka. It is the headquarters of the Bidar District which shares its border with Maharashtra and Telangana.   At a distance of  700 km from the state capital  Bengaluru.
 Some others say that Sain Ji remained for most of his life in the service of the King of Bandhavgarh  in  Rewa,Rajasthan and thus conclude that he might have belonged to Rajasthan. Bandhavgarh is about 190kms from Jabalpur city.
 Apart from these two schools of thought, there is another view which believes Sain Ji to be a Punjabi. According to this view, Sain Ji was born in the early morning of the full-moon day of Maghar (November-December) in 1343 AD in the village of Sohal Thatthi , between Dhariwal and Gurdaspur towns, in Gurdaspur Distt of Punjab. Even now there stands a Gurdwara and a water reservoir in the village of Sohal Thathian to commemorate his memory. It is also said that Sain himself inaugurated the digging of this reservoir on the bank of which he used to spend long hours in meditation. Punjab Govt officially celebrated his 654 th birthday on 6th December, 1997 in this village itself. This also confines his birth in 1343 AD. Every year Punjab government celebrates Sain  Ji Maharaj’s birthday as  an official festival.
          Sain Ji’s father was Baba Mukand Rai and mother Jivini. Legend saysMata Jivni got the son like Bhagat sain after blessing of a hermit   Faqir Guriya who came to their home for food ,  title “ Sain” means Sayian, a person which is born for God (Sayin)or Master. Sain ji was not interested in study so his father sent him to his Aunt Sobhi (father's sister) at Lahore when he was hardly of about ten years age. He learnt work of Barber and medication (Hikmat) at lahore from Ustad Rahin Khan Hazaam (Barber).Sain Ji married Sulakhani Ji (Sahib devi)  of Jalkhar, and led a householder's life. They had only one son born to them named Baba Nayi. It was during his stay at Lahore (Now in Pakistan) that he received spiritual enlightenment. Sain Ji had many disciples from both high & low castes and guided them to attain salvation by following Nirguna Bhakti Marg. One of his famous disciples was Brahmin Kordass. Baba Sain Ji gave him Namdan (Incitation) and explained the true way of life. He contributed emencely for  ending the spiritually devoid  systems like Caste system, untouchibility, dogmas, superstitions, rituals, ceremonies, secrifying animals before deities, under taking long journies for idol worshiping,  reading with out understanding gist of religious books and blindly following these scriptures etc.
 Sain Ji ‘s only one hymn is given in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji( Dhanasari Ragg), which is as under:-
 Translation:-Making devotion the incense, lamp and ghee for aarti,
To the Lord am I a sacrifice.
Sing you paeans of Divine joy:
Sing ever paeans of glory of the Divine king. (Pause)
Lord! Realization that Thou art immaculate,
Is for me the noble lamp and the holy wick.
The way of Divine devotion is known to
my master, Ramanand,
Who expounds the Supreme Bliss,
perfection incarnate.
Lord of charming figure ! Across the
ocean of existence take me.
Saith Sain: To the Master of Supreme Bliss, be you devoted 
( Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji ,Anang695)
This hymn may be summed up as follows : I am sacrifice unto them who are ever absorbed in the Aarti of the supreme Lord (In fact the true Aarti of God cannot be performed with the help of lamp and incense, rather it is possible only with one's firm faith and deep love for Him.) “O” God, it is only Thy devotees who recognize you, remember you, and sing your praises. So please bless me with Thy grace so that I am also able to swim across this worldly-ocean.
         Once there was draught in Punjab area so Bhagat Sain ji came to Delhi   
With his family to Diwan Sohan lal. From there he was send to serve a king        who  was suffering from a  disease. The king was cured with the treatment given byGuru Sain Ji  Maharaj
        Sain ji spend his last days of life with his friends Dhanna , Sadhna,Pipa. He called his son Baba Nayi to Kashi  ( Varanasi in UP state) and told him to stay there for some time, to which he agreed but also said to have  explained “ I can not stay there for life time as he is worldly person”. Bhagat Sain passed away in 1393 AD at Kashi at an age of 50 years. There after Bhai Nayi lived in Kashi for a year and returned to Punjab. Later on, he migrated to Delhi from where Baba Nayi went into the service of a king of Rajasthan .                              
        Whole philosophy and teaching of Sain Ji can be briefly summed up as under                                                
·        God Almighty is Supreme Authority and granter of  Joy and Sorrows in life.
·        We should be thankful to God for providing joy, happiness and wealth, this thank giving should be by following right path for the Self Realisation, as self Realisation is God realisation.
·        Perfect Guru is the source from where we can learn how to get to the Universal Creator
·        Follow  Surat Shabad Yoga for Liberation from the cycle of Birth & Death
·        Work to earn livilihood and   support your family too while remaining absorbed in meditation. Household life is not a barrier to God realization.
·         Oppose what so ever did not stand the test of reasoning including rituals, dogmas, superstation  biased infected  religious holy books which differentiated betwwn human on the basis of caste, colour, sex and place of birth.
·         Every human is creation of the Lord. Lord can be found in human frame only, nowhere else, so it was futile to observe external means of worship.
·        To hate a human is to hate the Lord.
                Avoid intoxicants .                                                        Er H.R. PHONSA, Jammu Tawi
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Gauging Future Of Indian Democracy

          Can Indian politicians or bureaucrats of 2016 redeem the pledges, as did the framers of our Constitution 66 years ago?  Have we achieved targets as per theme of our Constitutional preamble doctrine of having equality of social, religious economic ,political and equality before law of the land? Preamble the soul of our constitution records the aims and aspirations of the Nation. All it revolves around providing, justice, freedom, equality to all citizens to have fraternity in Sovereign, socialistic, Secular, Democratic, Republic  of India. But alas in the last 66 years we have moved but little towards our set  National goals.
Text Box:  By:-Er. H.R.Phonsa
Why we have allowed persisting old religious prejudices including hate values among our countrymen despite  having framed appropriate rules to check these? When we shall be known only as Indians instead of   carrying our caste tags which count more than 6743 for Hindus, besides many more for other religious, regional Communities and categories?  Are not we behaving as individuals, within the webs of different castes and religious faiths, not treading towards a common road leading us to become one Nation?  Is the unity in diversity really working or it is mere slogan for the politicians and religious peers, we have pondered over these ills seriously. Are we worried for Indian divide into two segments as prosperous India and poverty ridden India? Indian public sector banks (PSBs) will require a capital infusion of Rs 1.2 lakh crore by 2020, in view of the heavy losses reflected in their balance sheets in 2015-16, global credit rating agency Moody's Investors Services. The government has in total planned a capital infusion of Rs 70,000 crore till 2018-19, out of which it has already spent Rs 25,000 by March 2016. Apart from the Rs 25,000 crore in the current fiscal, it has planned to spend Rs 10,000 crore each in 2017-18 and 2018-19(Indo Asian News Service or IANS , Jun 10, 2016). Who is responsible for ever increasing Nonperforming Assets (NPA) in Financing Institution which was as high as 10.20% of total Banking credits? I am sure majority Indians comprising of SC’s, ST’s and OBC’s are neither cause of this gigantic figure of NPA’s nor benefiter of writing off of bad banking loans of Rs 1.14 Lac crore during last three years. In 2014-15 there was increase of 53% in bad loans over previous year with figures as Rs 52550 crore as on 31st March,2015. Who have eaten up this money at least not anybody from BPL who form majority. Are we as nation worried for foreign debit of over $ 455.9 billions ( sep,2014)  on us  making us to  rank 22nd among the  indebted nation world wide? How we are repaying the market borrowing of over Rs 6.07Lakh Crors ? Is India worried to tame poverty monster forcing estimated  363 million in 2011-12  to live BPL.   Anybody whose daily earning is between Rupees 32 /- and      Rs 47/- respectively for Rural  and unban India is  defined to fall in BPL, when single Roti costs over Rs 8.00 each with out dal ? India does boost of having progressed in many fields but its benefits have not trickled down to poverty ridden section of our country population.  The pictures of our national achievements as projected by rich and influential segment are that the poor are themselves cause of their miseries. There cannot be any bigger lie than this. Real progress should be measured with how many sleep empty bellies and not by daily increase in Sensex. The economic, social and political advances are being enjoyed by small segment, who are in minority, leaving majority of population to lick their ill luck wounds in isolation. Are the bottled water drinkers worried about the food, water, education, social, economic crises being faced by poor and neglected segment of society?   Are poor born in India only to vote for the upper caste elites, who forget them after every election? Has any election so far been fought on economics and social agenda? Why religious matters like construction of a particular structure or demolishing another are taking priority over poverty eradication matters? Many Religiously dressed persons taken as Swamis, Peers etc are openly spreading religious hatred but going Scot free. Failure of prosecution in getting punished the wrong doers does not mean crime was not committed. Flaring up of small matters for pretty personnel gains unwanted hartalas, Bunds, closers create big law and order problems where commoners and daily bread earners suffer the most. Such things have become an order of the day and creating doubts in the minds of the common masses, whether India is moving in the right direction to wards set National goals by framers of Indian Constitution. Hartals and Bands have been declared as illegal and unconstitutional by the Kerala High Court in 1997.
         From the general definition of Democratic governance “It is the Government of People, by the people & for the people”. But the democracy in India in the last over six decades, looks more to be - the Government of the vested interests, by the vested interests & for the vested interests. Democracy in India has failed to sow the seeds of brotherhood, fellow feeling & community welfare, so as to cement fraternity on the National level which was set as national goal. But what has so far been perused has largely failed to cement our Nation Hood. The elite and rich who had to shed away their knowledge & wealth voluntarily for the deprived Indians, are showing least concerns.  Dr Ambedkar the Father of Indian Constitution while writing on Egalitarian (Classless, Equalitarian) Revolution in May, 1956 wrote “A Democracy is more than a form of Government. It is primarily a mode of associated living. The roots of Democracy are to be searched in the social relationship, in the terms of associated life between the people who form the society” He further explained the Society’s qualities & nature as “The qualities which accompany this unity are praise worthy, community of purpose and desire for welfare, loyalty to public, mutuality of sympathy and co-operation” He continued by asking “Are these ideals to be found in the Indian Society?. The Indian society does not consist of individuals. It consists of an innumerable collection of castes which are exclusive in their life and have no common experience to share lacking bonds of sympathy------------. The strengthening of the Caste System is a standing denial of the existence of the ideas of society and therefore of Democracy”  Dr Ambedkar  a deeply religious soul described democratic and religious fundamentalist as diagonally opposite to each other. The needs of the weak shall be  the first charge of the Government  spending is yet a distant dream in Indian democracy.
        Many unbiased minds may paint the Indian progress or equality scenario as under. 
Poverty ridden India’s President takes home monthly Rs 1.5 lakh However, almost everything that the President does or wants to do is taken care of by the annual Rs2250/- Lacs budget that the Government allots for his or her upkeep. An MP draws Rs3.50   Lakh monthly salary with allowances. Still Months and months are lost in Indian Parliament with out transaction of any fruitful business. For the success of Democracy healthy debates the Parliament and state Legislative Houses on subject matters of common interests leading to consensus or voting and finally churning out Laws requiring steadfast adherence by our bureaucracy. Large number of bills are pending in the Parliament and state Assemblies, because of lack of political will and welfare mindsets of our majority Law makers. The laws made years back are seen waiting to be freed from the procedural delays.  It seems we have become a nation of Law avoidance.  It is being  observed that the Democratic system is being Challenged  even within the Indian Parliament & State Assemblies, where hardly any  common interest problem is being debated , as either many of the elected representatives are absent from the respective Houses or busy in most uncivilised acts of making unwanted noises, disrupting house proceedings on non- issues. Breaking of mikes, house furniture, hurling most un-civilised abuses and shoe beating are now the common scenes in the Law making Houses which were created for debating day to day house business and make rules for the common community interests. Calling of the Marshals in the Law Framing Houses to remove their members to restore order is nothing but shame on both the oppositions & Ruling parties’ .The Parliament( RS) utilised maximum ( 90.5%)allotted time  1952-61 for debates which is said to have been reduced by 26% in 14th Lok Sabha, and the situation is worsening with every passing day. Our elected representatives are unmindful of our Parliament costing Rs 2.5 Lacs per minute of running (PTI,17-9-2012) Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal told reporters in New Delhi. He said 77 percent of the session's business time in Lok Sabha and 72 percent in Rajya Sabha was lost due to disruptions in this session and asked the Opposition to realise that "enough is enough". Majority of Indian politicians both from ruling and opposition dispensation are nose deep in corruption and law breaking.  A large number of members of State Assemblies & Parliament are of tainted character carrying criminal cases on their heads. In parliament 34% of MP’s in (2016),30%( 2009) and 24%(2004) carry  criminal cases on their heads. Has this not polluted the sacred Houses atmosphere created as model of morality, character, efficiency and political ethics? Also 82% (2016),58%( 2009) and 30%(2004) Indian  Mp’s are worth over 1 crore each and the richest MP claims to have worth over Rs.683Crore.   Still they claim to work for the poor Indians who earn not more than Rs 32 per day (BPL Scale)Trading in votes, selling of questions by MLA’s & MP’s to self centred outsiders has become very common these days. Sycophancy prevailing in politics is very dangerous instrument. Political Parties whips have made the elected representatives as bonded labourers of deaf & dumb to the Party Bosses. Division of voters on religious and other than political thinking is showing dangerous trends for the working of healthy Democratic system. Large number MPs have very poor track records in utilising funds meant for public welfare (MPLADF). In the past three years, many MPs have not cared to utilise the Rs 5 crore granted to each of them for development in their constituency. As per a report published in “The Hindu” dated June,2015 only 5.4% of the MPLADF were utilised during 2014-15. Many MPs also refused to pay back the interest-free car loans they have secured from the government and occupy illegally government accommodations, so forcing the government to hire accommodations for legible persons, putting unwanted burden on government exchequer.  Voters are harassed, not allowed to vote as per their free will. The ruling party BJP won 282 seats ( LS) when only 20.809% Indian supported it in 2014.  It got 31.34% of the valid votes out of the 66.4% casted by voters in the election. Such  a majority ( actually minority as it  being less than even half of desired 50% of the population backing the ruling party) Government rule must never have been  dreamed by our Constitution framers. They burnt midnight oil to give the world wide best Constitution? Major thrust of our political parties is seen on Religious means than Democratic means to win the elections. It starts from selection  to voting patterns of the candidates .Common people still cannot vote in many Rural areas as per their wishes. But in a span of 66 years, article 356 has been used to impose 132 times President’s Rule, many a times the judgement was struck down by SC and HC’s for lack of right application of mind exposing vindictive mind of the ruling parties.
        The past 66 years experience of Indian democracy has proved that those who were running the government  show with the patronage of British Government before 1947 continue to sit firmly in the saddle of Politics, Administration, Judiciary and media. They are in total control of the things with a few handpicked from the deprived sections to show the world over that things were moving fast in all  right directions for achieving welfare goals for the Indian society. In majority political parties are under the control of the High Caste bosses with representation of Lower Castes spineless leaders. Majority of Minorities leaders have failed to safeguard the rights and aspirations of their communities, because their political standing and survival is based on intimate interests of their upper caste bosses. This right of the Dalit masses to have control over their  Elected Representatives working for their interests was granted  by Communal Award of  17th August 1932 but subsequently snatched  away by the Poona Pact of  26 th Sept.1932, due to the Fast unto death of Mahatma Gandhi. The emerging facts & circumstances cemented the saying of Dr Ambedkar
That he committed mistake by signing Poona Pact under duress. -------------               
     Where as a microscopic section of Indians feel proud of having 100 Indians as billionaires out of the top 1810 (March,2016) world over billionaires. But we do not show necessary concern for the largest world population of poorest. The number of poor and deprived persons is ever increasing in India. Over 29.5% of the India population lives below the poverty line as defined by the Rangarajan committee Rupees Rs 32/- daily wage and some others in the private sector draw daily salary of several Lakhs.  A private Industry CEO draws nearly $17.7millions (Rupees 85 crors) annually salary and another one $9millions besides $223millions tax free dividend income. How long India will have to wait to see equality among its people is no man’s guess. For the success of Democracy as advocated by Baba Sahib  Dr. Ambedkar, Caste System is a big challenge, and the biggest road block to dismantle the status quo pro Indian mind. Till this Caste monster is not tamed practical Democracy may remain allusive. We observe many government offices are flooded with photographs and images of deities, Avatars, gods, goddesses, religious Gurus; saints, peers putting our working as Democratic government limbs & organs in doubt. Religion should be confined to personal life and should be disallow to be demonstrated in working places particularly in offices. It is said  Dr. Rajindra Prasad after becoming First President of India attended a yagna in Varanasi and gave Brahambhoj to 1000 Bhudevas , he washed feet of Pujaris  collected this water in a Golden plate and drank it ( Charna-Amrit ) besides sprinkling it on his wife. He said he attained  seat with the blessing of Brahmins only. His Excellency K. R. Narayanan the 10th President of India created an example not to visit any religious place during his term as President. This is an example till date.

The Indian Democratic system is based upon three important but distinctive limbs viz. Parliament with State Assemblies, Executive & Judiciary respectively for framing the  Laws & Procedures, implement  these in the field &  to serve as eyes and ears of Law to see if Executive is working  as per the Rules & procedures laid down by the Elected Representatives. Of late the media has attained importance as to point out the merits, demerits effecting the Indian democratic functioning. Many scans, frauds, sex rackets, dowry deaths, adulteration in daily consumer’s articles have been unearthed by the media persons and vigilance organisations. Working of all these in unison with National interest as prime interest was envisaged by our Constitution makers. The working of the Executive so far is putting a very sorry state of affairs. A teacher Shri. Hashim  of Karnah Kashmir(J&K)  struggled for 18 years to prove that he was alive not dead.  In Haryana Jat Reservation stir The system have got corrupted to the core with every day surfacing of scams, frauds, in- efficiency, non implementation of the Government schemes & enacted Laws.   Still over 60 million Indian Children suffer malnutrition, with 75% are anaemic, over 65 millions in India live in slums. This figure is estimated to rise to 104 million in 2017. A survey reveals that majority of slum dwellers are belonging to Scheduled caste. Literacy, as defined in Census operations, is the ability to read and write with understanding in any language.  Any formal education or minimum educational standard is not necessary to be considered literate. When these standards shall be revised and 100% literacy is achieved in India is no body’s guess. As per UNESCO’s rating 2006, India is having 35%( 296 millions) of world’s illiterates, infant morality is hovering at 57.92 deaths/1000 live born children, 15 million child bonded labour, nearly 33% of the government School teachers were found absent on the day of verification by PROBE ( Public Report on Basic Education) and only 25% teachers were found busy with teaching job. During the last over decades India has succeeded in distributing only 53 lacs Acres of surplus land out of total 500 Lakhs acres of surplus land available for allotment to land less persons. As many as 26 crore  Indian are mentally depressed , 40% of India's population is infected with the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. As many as 9.6 % working fit Indians are unemployed. To add to the woes of common Indians, the problems of Militancy, Naxilits, and Religious fundamentalist are adding fuel to the fire. Problems of Delhi riots of 1984, Demolishing of Babri Masjid, Gujarat massacre of innocents and many such open sours are weeping without application of human balms.  The influential’s  can bend the things as per their wishes.  The British time Indian saying is getting practical shape  Saian bhaye Kotwal, ab dar kahe ka, means when your husband is Station House Officer , why be afraid”.

The Law and order problem is posing serious threats. Kashmir Problem is not finding any plausible solution. Where as in  last  50 years the Naxalite  menace  has spread over194 Districts( Total 686) effecting 18 states out of 29 states and 7 union territories.  China and Pakistan are always ready to prick  our nerves on borders. Majority of our Law and order problems are cursy to our attitude of  lingering on control mechanism till  it starts slipping out of our hands. The Bureaucracy and politicians want to solve all problems by using force not timely mind power.  From 1991-2016 there were 30crore job seekers in India but only 14 crore fortunate’s were able to found jobs. Only 60.5% job seeke’s find job year around (UNDP). Medical Council Of India(MCI) has miserably failed on all fronts so was declared by SC.( The Tribune May 3,2016)

                   The picture of the Indian Judiciary system working is also not above mark.   In April,2016 nearly 33.8 million ( 3.38 crores) cases of different natures and periods are pending in Indian  courts ( 58906 in SC, 31 Dec.2015 and 2,00,60,998 in lower Courts with cases pending over 10 years account for 10.83%). This speaks volumes when Chief Justice Of India  explains in a television interview “ Judiciary intervenes only when executive fails in its Constitutional duty, If there is neglect and failure  on part of government agencies, judiciary will definitely play it part”.(The Tribune 25-6-2016) Corruption, favouritism, nepotism, inefficiency, delays tactics, undue pressure exertions find daily reporting in news papers. As per Global Corruption watch 2007 as many as 77% of Indians say there is corruption in judiciary and 36% have confessed to have paid bribes for judiciary matters. The total bribe paid is reported to be  Rs 3630 crores. Corruption is rampant in all departments with estimated 20% judges are also said to corrupt by an ealier CJI. Records show that some cases lingered on for five decades making only a lucky appellant or convict to personally hear court verdict. Here again sufferers are poor and deprived section people.           
        Hero worship and Sycophancy is rampant in India. Dr. Ambedkar warned against hero-worship, as it encourages them to subvert institutions. There is no harm is honouring those who have rendered life long service to the society. But there is a limit. Bhakti in religion may be a road to salvation but Bhakti or hero worship in politics is sure road to degradation and eventual dictatorship.  He proved correct when India earned the curse of Emergency in from 1975 to1977. In February 2012, the director of the Central Bureau of Investigation said that as per CBI investigation 2012 Indian have over $500 billion of illegal funds( Black money) in foreign tax havens, more than any other country.  But past government projected it has no money  for transportation of  rotting food grains to distribute it in poorest as ordered by the  Supreme Court  India . Out of estimated Indian gold reserves of 60, 000 tons (valued at Rupees18.x1011) major portion is lying buried in religious places and in bank lockers, beyond  reach for the welfare measures for the surging millions poverty ridden of Indians. This figure is daily inflating with new disclosers and opening of religious strong velvets.
          India has shown an increase of over 252.4% in crime rate since 1953.( Indian crime bureau report), with many fold increase in the law enforcing personnel  But the Indian average  rate of  convictions is hovering around 45% (2013), a point to worry.   Japan has conviction rate of 99%.India has pendency of court cases of over three crors despite having a battery of judges, judicial officers, courts, lawyers etc being maintained by spending crore from the National exchequer.                                                                                                                                                                         Dr. Ambedkar while winding up debate on the Constitution becoming Statue Book said that India knew parliamentary system before too. The Bhudha Bhikshu Sanghas were nothing but Parliaments -----------This system was lost. Will she loose it second time? Dr Ambedkar further said the real danger to Democracy is dictatorship.  He advocated the method of Revolutions to solve the problems in rare of the rarest circumstances. Only when there is no way left to Constitutional methods for achieving economic & social objectives, there was a great deal for the unconstitutional methods, which leads to Anarchy, and sooner we abandon them the better it would be. Baba Sahib BR Ambedkar believed that without economic & social justice, political independence will not give national integration and social homogeneity. He advocated liberty, equality and fraternity a must ingredients for achieving national integration.                                  

               For as  long as Caste status remain factor to decide social, education & economic needs of Hindus, discrimination with untouchables( SC’s,ST’s,OBC’s) cannot be rooted out.. For them distribution of opportunities with peoples of the different status & category were different. This was in theory done away with by adopting Constitution for Free India on 26 th January 1950. But majority of  the upper caste elite want to keep the things linger on till the time it starts slipping out of hands .The sense of accommodation is nowhere to be seen. Pope John Paul II apologized to JewsGalileowomen, people convicted by  the InquisitionMuslims killed by the Crusaders and almost everyone who had allegedly suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church over the years. Has our Indian religious or political leaders courage to do so for Gujarat communal riots (1969), Anti-Sikh Riots (1984),Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus, Religious involvement in North-East India Militancy, Anti-Muslim violence, Anti-Christian violence, Anti-Hindu violence and other such like so called religious man made tragedies. From 2005 to 2009 period, an average of 130 people died every year from communal riots, and 2,200 were injured. In pre-partitioned India, over the 1920–1940 period, numerous communal violence incidents were recorded, an average of 381 people died per year during religious violence, and thousands were injured. If religious people preach One  God  of all then where is the point of disrimination on religious basis.                                 

       As also bureaucracy the Indian press and media is in the hands of multi millinery bosses and common man in India is devoid of this important facility too.  Due to prevailing mistrust   already the Centre has received demands for creation of at least 11 new states, Voices are also being forcefully raised to give Ladakh at UT status & Jammu separate state in J&K, special status for Gulbarga,Bidar,Raichur,Koppal and Yadagir districts areas in Karnataka as their progress is lacking behind as compared with their parent states more advanced regions .
                   The worst suffers of these lapses, delays, corruptions and all prevailing ills are non other than, Minorities, S/C’s, S/T’s OBC’s and rural India.
                    For the success or failure of the Indian Constitution hence the Indian Democratic system Dr Ambedkar  while delivering his speech in the Constituent Assembly said “ However  good a Constitution may be, it is sure to be turn out bad because those who are called to work it, happens to be bad lot. However bad a Constitution may be, it may turn out be good if those who are called to work it, happen to be a good lot”.  So far the four pillars of Democracy in India are being controlled by persons, from privileged sections claiming to be intelligent lot belonging to the Higher Upper Castes coupled with owing all Economic, Religious, Social resources producing results as per their wishes & whims, caring less for the established rules & procedures.
               In view of the prevailing large scale illiteracy, hunger, malnutrition, militancy rebellion with in country is strong signals that Indian Democracy is missing its targets. For success of the Democracy in India, the common man will have to be cared. He should find place in all developmental activities. Express Poverty eradication, improving health, education, social systems, proving quick relief to the victims of excesses shall have to be ensured for the healthy sustenance of Democratic system in India. Hence deprived sections need urgent means for breads earning with dignity. Educated, healthy, dignified and equal Indians shall only ensure success of democracy from which we are still miles away. The criminalization of politics, executive & judiciary which has reached zenith will have to arrested . The  present spread of corruption from womb to tomb, from maternity hospital to grave yard needs to uprooted with iron hands  . The effected poor are crying that  the injustices mated out to them coupled with, the atrocities perpetrated by public servants have bye passed even British times .
 Indians will have to come out of the web of favouritism, distinction between Indians on the basis of caste, creed, sex or place of birth. Let us strive to achieve what Shri Guru Ravidas Ji has wished over six centuries ago “Ravidas shall feel happy only if all are fed well”.
Er. H.R.Phonsa                                                                                Words:-4423
  Retd Executive Engineer
      Jammu (J&K)
Dated 31-07-2016